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Lycra Cameltoe

The great thing about lycra is how form fitting it is. It’s more exciting than a naked person and the feeling of wearing lycra is great. Even better when you see someone wearing a lycra outfit that is blatantly too small or perhaps too short for them. This causes a cameltoe where the front seam of the carment pulls tight up their butt and crack.

This is a selection of good photos I’ve come across which get me going a bit. Lots of shiny spandex pulling tight where possible.

Pit Girls in Lycra

Shiny black catsuits

Want to see gorgeous girls wearing lycra? Head to a motor race like a Moto GP, or even a modified car show. You’re bound to see some pit girls.
These girls are given sponsored outfits to wear. “One size fits all” seems to go, so catsuits galore hugging every curve and shape. Pit girls really get me going. The tighter the outfit, the better. Check out some of these pics and great videos!

Spandex Adventures

Spandex Adventures Visit here

Ryanne, Kayla-Jane, Sarah-Jane & Dakota Rosa are four super hot babes who love dressing in Spandex and Lycra. Spandex Adventures has a huge array of videos and photos of these gorgeous girls tying each other up and rolling around in lycra leggings and suits. Really hot stuff.

They are really sexy, particularly in their shiny lycra catsuits showing every curve, bump and rut.

Check out some of the sample videos and pictures below. If you like what you see, follow this link to visit their site….