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Super Tight Spandex Wrestling Singlet

I love wearing lycra and the tighter the better. This may look like a wrestling unitard, but it’s actually a modified pair of bib cycling shorts.

What I’ve done is remove the padded chamois from the crotch and greatly shorten the shoulder straps. The result…a pair of spandex shorts that pull tight in the crotch forming a mantoe / cameltoe and wedgie. Super hot feeling and shows off my assets!

I regularly go out running in garments just like this as pictured with a shirt over the top. The local paper shop always try getting an eye full. I’ve never been shunned by anyone. Always looked at by women and men.

Remember, I’m not gay…I just have a spandex kink and am a bit of a exhibitionist.

Mantoe Male cameltoe spandex Mantoe Cameltoe male lycra man man Copy of IMG_8952 Copy of IMG_8951 Copy of IMG_8950 Copy of IMG_8949 Copy of IMG_8948 Copy of IMG_8947 Copy of IMG_8946

Finally, a Lycra fetish site for people like me

I love Lycra and spandex clothing. I love wearing it and I love seeing other people in it. I’m a cyclist and runner and have lots of Lycra outfits which you’ll be able to enjoy on this site.

There are plenty of great Lycra shots spread across the Internet but only some meet my demands as a great image/video.

I like it REALLY tight. I like to see Lycra pull tight making a super wedgie and even cameltoes. You will find images of men and women, including some cheeky ones of myself on the site, butdo ‘t worry, you can view images from the menu to the left to suit your preferences.

Me? I’m late 20’s English living in Hampshire. I’m straight (a common misunderstanding is that if you like to wear Lycra, you must be gay) and am not shy to share photos & video of myself wearing this great material.

Please feel free to send in a request or let me know how much you like my pics.