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My new wrestling unitard

I’ve recent discovered the joy of wrestling Unitards/singlets. Incredibly revealing without feeling too tight. Hugs your package and can’t stay out of your ass.




Wet purple leggings

I was out running in the rain today wearing these purple lycra leggings. The old ladies of the village didn’t know where to look!

I then had some fun with my vibe!


Super Tight Spandex Wrestling Singlet

I love wearing lycra and the tighter the better. This may look like a wrestling unitard, but it’s actually a modified pair of bib cycling shorts.

What I’ve done is remove the padded chamois from the crotch and greatly shorten the shoulder straps. The result…a pair of spandex shorts that pull tight in the crotch forming a mantoe / cameltoe and wedgie. Super hot feeling and shows off my assets!

I regularly go out running in garments just like this as pictured with a shirt over the top. The local paper shop always try getting an eye full. I’ve never been shunned by anyone. Always looked at by women and men.

Remember, I’m not gay…I just have a spandex kink and am a bit of a exhibitionist.

Mantoe Male cameltoe spandex Mantoe Cameltoe male lycra man man Copy of IMG_8952 Copy of IMG_8951 Copy of IMG_8950 Copy of IMG_8949 Copy of IMG_8948 Copy of IMG_8947 Copy of IMG_8946

Me in a ladies sports Unitard

I often like wearing womens lycra suits and one piece garments. Ladies garments usually pull tighter in the crotch area and accentuates a male’s package. This is an Asics unitard designed for going to the Gym and running in.

I frequently use this suit to go running in or use at the gym. Usually with a t-shirt over the top, but when running in the summer, I love to wear this suit on it’s own.

The downside of these pics, is that this suit has a thick material wasteband designed to hug a ladies figure. All it does on me is prove how I’ve put a few lbs on recently.

Shiny navy blue, I love how this suit feels.

Me in running tights

So I thought it was about time to put a few photos up of myself. This is a great example of how I think Lycra should be worn. Like the photos of sexy girls on this site, lycra should fill every gap and reveal every shape. The tighter the better.

This first photo roll is me wearing my running tights and running top, just about to head out. They are made by Under Armour and have a non-glossy look and feel.

Let me know what you think.

Lycra Cameltoe

The great thing about lycra is how form fitting it is. It’s more exciting than a naked person and the feeling of wearing lycra is great. Even better when you see someone wearing a lycra outfit that is blatantly too small or perhaps too short for them. This causes a cameltoe where the front seam of the carment pulls tight up their butt and crack.

This is a selection of good photos I’ve come across which get me going a bit. Lots of shiny spandex pulling tight where possible.

Pit Girls in Lycra

Want to see gorgeous girls wearing lycra? Head to a motor race like a Moto GP, or even a modified car show. You’re bound to see some pit girls.
These girls are given sponsored outfits to wear. “One size fits all” seems to go, so catsuits galore hugging every curve and shape. Pit girls really get me going. The tighter the outfit, the better. Check out some of these pics and great videos!